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Automotive Engine Air Intake Filter Media

Features of gradient media

Automotive Engine Air Intake Filter MediaNormally filtration efficiency and dust holding capacity are competing properties and media engineers have to accept a trade-off and be willing to reduce one in order to get a reasonable value for the other. Toyobo Kureha America Co., Ltd.'s gradient construction uses multiple layers; each layer is made with different fiber diameters and media densities. The upper layers act as a pre-filter and trap the larger particles of dust and help keep them away from the final filtration layer. The result is long filter life, as measured by high dust holding capacity while also providing high efficiency.

Numerous options - Chemical Bonding (CB) & Thermal Bonding (TB)

Toyobo Kureha America Co., Ltd. offers our customers the choice of media made from two different processes, thermal bonding and chemical bonding.

Thermally bonded media is 100% polyester, so it is recyclable and contains no other ingredients. Thermally bonded media may be an excellent choice for later processes that involve molding or forming using heat. For later processes that involve lamination or bonding, the thermally bonded media may reduce or eliminate the need for other bonding substances.

Chemically bonded media can be made with a variety of fiber types, such as polyester or viscose rayon. The choice of fiber types will vary media properties such as density and absorbency. Then, through the choice of chemical type that we use for bonding, we can further control other variables such as stiffness, strength, elongation etc. We can also impart specific properties such as fire retardancy using specialized chemicals.

Both processes supply high performance filter media. Our customers commonly pleat media made from both processes in their filter element manufacturing.

Comparative Properties of Various Toyobo Kureha America Co., Ltd. Engine-Air Intake Air Filter Media

Media # 212 214 215 04-25
Type Chemical Bond (CB) Chemical Bond (CB) Chemical Bond (CB) Thermal Bond (TB)
Grams per Sq. Meter 190 260 240 300
Thickness (mm) 2.8 3.2 3.7 7.0
Final Efficiency (ISO Fine dust) 99.0% 99.6% 99.6% 99.5%
Dust Holding Capacity (gm per 0.1 SM) 75 137 130 215
Air Permeability (CFM) 200 160 150  
Fiber Content All PET PET/Rayon All PET PET/Bi-co PET
Features Thinner
High Permeability
High DHC
Heat Moldability
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